Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's hard to believe nearly a month's passed since my last post. I have been finishing up my studies in Sweden and doing a little traveling. A week ago my parents visited (!) and we spent time in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We had a great time exploring the cities and savoring a variety of edibles. "Where are we eating next?". That's enough of a summary.
I am nearing the end of my time in Sweden. After Midsummer I will head south toward the Mediterranean. Duct tape, painting supplies, neon-plastic Ikea cutlery. Stuffed quickly in my pack these tools will safeguard my journey. Clothes, too. And a toothbrush. Among other things

I have been reading, staring, writing, cooking, and baking often. The weather is perfect. I nap in parks. I toss frisbee and kick futbol. My friends demand I join them for coffee. They also demand baked goods and dinner. That's what life is without my computer. It's relaxing, it's right. I dreamt a great fruit salad and made it three days in a row.

::2 apples (1 sour, 1 sweet)
::2 bananas
::1 red chili
::fresh grated ginger
::lime juice

It's a great blend of flavors. Simple, healthy, and delicious. Adjust them for your pleasure. I'm trying to figure out a good, fresh herb to add. Thoughts? Basil? Tonight's dessert.


AdamSoup said...


hot pepper with fruit is good. given my tropical bias i usually go with pineapple & mango, ginger too.


RW said...

How about adding a little mint?

Anonymous said...

I demand more posts!


Anonymous said...

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Dav DiDi said...

Sounds like a good combination for salad..will try it out

Anonymous said...

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