Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cafe Japon

Didn't complete any food of note. Ate some chili on brown rice (surprisingly tasty) and...

Tried out the new French-Japanese restaurant, Café Japon (Liberty east of Main, 734-332-6200)
Clean, inviting interior (maybe a bit too much plain, white wall) welcomes patrons with two chilled display cases of croissants, mochi, fruits and other French-Japanese bakery snacks

The menu is straight forward: soups (de Jour and miso), salads, sandwiches (using baguette, baked twice daily on premises), a handful of sushi roll variants (one with chicken looked unique, "Sushi Napoleon"), Japanese dishes, and dessert (the shaved ice with milk and red beans sounds particularly delicious).

There is also an extensive tea menu, specializing in green teas. These come either hot or iced.

I ordered the "Hiyashi Udon: Cold udon noodles served with meat, shrimp, egg and vegetables. This is a good summer dish"
- The meat: ham
- Also: crab salad
- Vegetables: lettuce, cucumber, tomato
It's served with a dipping sauce (what would otherwise be the broth if it were heated) and was really nice, especially for a summer dish. I may have enjoyed it a little more with soba (buckwheat noodles) rather than the udon.

Go and support your local restaurant! There's something for everyone on the menu, and you'll only spend $9-$13.

**pictures of food to come with next visit***

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xtof said...

café japon ? french japanese restaurant ? actually we are french and we ate yesterday evening in a japanese restaurant ; no baguettes and red wine but some delicious sushis (i think napoleon never tasted sushis !) and sone yakitories.

Don't believe french people when they say french food is the best in the world. Japanese, indian, chinese, greek, hum !