Sunday, December 30, 2007

some new then old photos

Guinness float: Guinness with homemade Guinness ice cream

making: caramel ice cream base

an ice cream trio: Chocolate Chocolate, Eggnog Latté, Maple Butter Pecan

leftovers spread

Thanksgiving plate

Monday, December 24, 2007

another cinnamon ice cream

I've made plenty of cinnamon ice cream and this isn't much different. But there are chopped up oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

I add about 1 tablespoon of cinnamon per pint of base. Maybe some nutmeg or pumpkin pie spices if you're into that. Or some cayenne (<---I'm into that). Also, it's that time of year. Yes: eggnog time. So, maybe add eggnog too (think: thick custard, tasty, well-spiced...almost an ice cream base on its own).
My friends (all 2 of them) and I make cookies when we are relaxing at our parents’ homes. Since reaching cookie saturation two nights ago, I felt it appropriate to realize the potential of the already toasted, spiced, chocolate-laden oatmeal. So, after a quick chop and some lazy handfuls of cookie remnants, the ice cream was done. It's good.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"he's a chowda' head"

Clam chowder: hmm...such mixed feelings over this rich, hearty soup. There's the thick version. You all know it: retains heat, more of a platform for oyster crackers than a rich broth. There's also a thin version. I have a fond memory of a trip to Main waiting 45 minutes in a quaint, fishing villiage restaurant. Behold, the effort of some clam jockey in the back produced the most rich, delicate seafood soup. Mind you, I had doubts that it was actually chowder, afterall, it didn't have the aforementioned condensed characteristics. But let me remind me: delicious.