Monday, July 9, 2007

a quick lunch

A bunch of local, fresh yellow wax beans from the farmer's market.

Used half for a quick lunch, the other half I'm saving for dinner...

- yellow wax beans
- 1/3 pound tofu
- garlic
- butter
- fresh thyme
- salt/pepper/red-pepper flakes

Sautéed the beans and tofu in the butter, seasoned, added garlic toward the end.
Sprinkled with chopped thyme before enjoying.

The long, crunchy beans and the smooth tofu pair well together.
Adding other vegetables (onion, red/green pepper, squash) would also be great.

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Aunt Elaine said...

Love your blog, Mike! This looks like a wonderful meal, you've inspired me to be more creative in my cooking! I agree that some onions, etc would make it even better. Your links to other sites are also very interesting to me. Thanks for taking the time to do this!