Wednesday, September 5, 2007

banana ice cream

One of the first ice creams I made two summers ago was french banana (french vanilla & banana). Partially for originality and partially due to my mother's deathly banana allergy, I've stayed away from the flavor. But it's so good and I'm excited to have recently re-discovered it. And there are so many additions that can be made to the base or as mix-ins.

::2 cups milk
::2 cups sugar
::2 cups cream
::4 egg yolks (at least)
::1 ripe banana

- Beat yolk with sugar and dash of salt
- Slowly whisk in scalded milk
- Heat until custard forms
- Mix in cream and cool
- Finely slice banana and sprinkle with salt and cinnamon
- Add bananas to ice cream maker with about 10 minutes left.

For this batch I mixed in a simple fudge of semi-sweet chocolate, butter, cream, and salt. Next time I may fold in some peanut butter (thinned/lightened with whipped in simple syrup) or add a little butter to the base or use extra egg yolks. Or add chopped roasted nuts or fresh berries or oatmeal cookie chunks. Or use bananas flambéed or roasted with your favorite spices.

Really delicious, not overpowered with bananas. Summer.

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds luscious!
I miss bananas...