Wednesday, January 30, 2008

breakfast: oatmeal

A simple solution.

Since arriving in Sweden, it has been all but impossible to avoid the high price of food. But, seeing that I value a sound breakfast, I have fashioned a simple, wholesome solution: oatmeal. It's an unrefined carbohydrate, meaning it has a better portion of minerals, and it takes longer to break down, meaning you feel fuller for longer and energy is extracted for a longer span. Oatmeal by itself may be somewhat bland. Enter: banana. Cut into thin slices, it mixes well with the oats and boosts flavor and sweetness. A ripe pear, cut into small bits also works well. I've also tried pan frying apples and fresh ginger.

Other additives: lingonberry jam. (or any type of jam/jelly/preserve/marmalade). CINNAMON! butter? maybe

Oh, and what breakfast is complete without a tall coffee? not mine

banana! lingonberry!

apples and ginger!

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comfort breakfast!