Tuesday, February 12, 2008


As I had mentioned in another post, pea soup and waffles is a traditional Swedish meal typically served thursday nights. The waffles (that's right, plural) are served on a plate, plain. Mind you, these crisp around the edged, but moistily gooey innards are eatable plain, but with a small spread of toppings, it's just not as attractive an idea. So, we have: whipped cream (real, in a large dish with ladle for serving), strawberry preserves, and blackberry preserves. I think that's all. Maybe there was something else? Regardless, these waffles go down easy, which is a difficult thing if you've just waited about 45 minutes (yes, there is only one waffle iron in this operation) for your order to arrive. To savor or to relish? Marmalade.

note: this was a fiend's plate. mine was clean and had less toppings to start with.

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ez said...

They sell these things in London, Venice, Amsterdam, and possibly all western Europe that are basically fast food waffles. They're sold in a comparable fashion to donuts. I had one in Amdam that was frosted with fudge dribbled on it. Slightly warmed, it tasted like a cinnabon but crispier. Delicious. I miss my waffle iron.