Sunday, April 27, 2008

sun in sweden.

I returned from Poland to a sunny Sweden. Dry with highs in the mid-60's. Long days getting longer. Sunlight from 5am until 8:45pm.

A friend was visiting from Paris for two days, so we made a quick, fresh pasta salad for dinner. It was a simple, colorful, filling, and delicious. We used a mix of regular and spinach pasta with chopped cucumber, tomato, feta, basil, caviar, olive oil, salt 'n pepper. In Sweden caviar is a very accessible food. It comes in a large variety at an attractive price of about $3. It's a subtle flavor. And the mild fish/salty/sweet isn't lost with this light dish. The feta is definitely essential to this bright taste, but mozzarella could be used if you splashed a little balsamic throughout.

An adaptive meal.

In other news: I have been raising a sourdough starter the last few weeks. He (yes, gender defined) is quite easy to take care of and I'm confident enough in his maturity to start using him in recipes. That said, I don't always like recipes. In fact, today I wanted nothing to do with them. So I just mixed things together. Usch. Results were by no means sourdough, excellent, or smile-worthy. I'm convinced the reason I quickly ate half the loaf is due to its affinity for butter. Turns out this bread was just an excuse for eating butter. Butter and carbs. Two things I love. A good excuse, mind you, but unsuccessful nonetheless. I plan on following a recipe soon enough.

lazy, experimental bread.

not quite as yellow in person. white, in fact

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Emiline said...

I think it's a She.

That's what I've heard from around the block.

The pasta looks delicious. My kind of meal.