Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

I designed this ice cream last December for a potluck. I decided the Thanksgiving potluck was the correct venue for revival. It was the first ice cream recipe I wrote down, and let me just say: It's so much simpler making ice cream with a recipe than on a whim. After collecting ingredients, the base sort of just jumped together.

- Cream 8oz cream cheese with 1.5 cups sugar.
- Mix in 4 eggs, salt, and half-a-lemon juice.
- Slowly whisk in 2 cups scalded milk.
- Bring together custard on low heat
- Cool at least 4 hours.
- Mix in 1 can pumpkin pulp, the kind you use to make pumpkin bread and pie... but NOT PUMPKIN PIE IN A CAN, unless you want extra sweetness, spices, etc.

I usually would add more spices, flavors, and textures (might I say: graham cracker crust?), but this was being served with apple pie, so I let the pumpkin speak for itself. And it did, loudly, with a bright orange smile.



Shane Roe said...

What size can of pumpkin?

Thea said...

I believe a 16oz.

Shane Roe said...

Thanks. I have another question about this line: "Bring together custard on low heat". Do you mean stir it all together over low heat? And how long should I do this?