Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ginger Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

In honor of my OldMan, known to buy anything ginger. He's visiting on Sunday and I know he's been looking forward to some homemade happiness. This was my first venture into ginger ice cream. I used some strong ginger stuff from Trader Joe that I usually use with toast. Though I'll definitely add more next time, it's a good start.

::3 T traderJoe's Spreadable Ginger
::3 oz chopped dark chocolate (the darker the better)
::2 c ice cream base

-Chill ginger and whisk into ice cream base.
-Put in ice cream machine
-Vary-chop (=non uniform, for lots of different textures) the chocolate. Heating the chocolate a few seconds in the microwave helps knife flow (thanks for the tip Stacerella of
-Add chocolate about 2/3 way into churning.

As I said earlier, more ginger (probably about 4-5 Tbs. But it's still great. It's like eating chocolate covered crystallized ginger. Nice.

I haven't given myself camera access recently, but some photos will emerge...eventually. sorry about that


Anonymous said...

You're welcome, and no fair we don't have any Trader Joe's in Canada, nor do they ship up here!


RW (aka Oldman) said...

Excellent choice of ingredients Mike. Can't wait to try it tomorrow.