Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

School and work have been taking most of my time. All my time. At least, until 12pm Friday, when I unwind with some cooking, baking, and churning. It's good.

Like mashed candied sweet potatoes, but ice cream. Without the toasted marshmallows (although if I had a little butane torch, it would be awesome to serve toasted mini-mallows atop the frozen orange deliciousness).

Sweet Potato Ice Cream
::1 sweet potato
::1/2 c maple syrup
::1/4 c cream
::6 T butter
::2 c ice cream base

-Peel, quarter, and score sweet potatoe before roasting with 2 Tbs butter, salt, and a little maple at 400 until tender.
-Mash/whip potatoes with cinnamon, cream, vanilla, and remaining syrup and butter.
-Let mixture cool and mix with ice cream base before freezing in machine.

This turned out really well. It's sort of like sweet potato pie or my grandmas sweet potato casserole. In fact, next time I'm planning on some graham cracker crust, maybe some toasted marshemallows.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very true to an undoctored sweet potato. Maybe a little too rooty. I might have added a little brown sugar..but that's how I like my sweet potatoes.
I loved the ginger chocolate chip...deeelicious!