Tuesday, October 30, 2007

peanut butter cookies and peanut butter cookie dough ice cream

Which came first: George Washington Carver or Cookie Dough tubes? In an effort to forget that question, I stumbled on this idea. Why not make cookie dough ice cream out of cookies other than chocolate chip? So, here's peanut butter dough. Maybe there will be cranberry white chocolate oatmeal dough at some point? Who knows? I do.

But anyways, nothing like pulling a batch of peanut butter cookies out of the oven late at night. Though I omitted those lovable fork marks, I'm confident enough in their taste and my ability to crumble any discernable marks while mixing into peanut butter ice cream base. Oh, and there will be 72% chocolate chunks. Nice touch, I thought.

I used Jiff peanut butter for the recipe. I know, I should have used my already open jar of natural nuttiness, but I was a afraid of the effects of a mass oil spill in my ice cream. Maybe I could emulsified (using an egg as a tool for combining the oil and water-based milk) the peanut butter into the base at the custard stage, but I'm still skeptical. There's nothing like a gooey, spreadable ice cream to remind you of failure.

I'm waking up 20 minutes early tomorrow to finish the ice cream. Too much demand for such a small machine (the ice cream machine). Too little time for such a small machine (the ice cream maker).

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