Wednesday, October 31, 2007

quick mushroom soup

Something about fresh mushroom soup that transcends its canned counterpart. Maybe its the thinner, more approachable broth, or the freshly sautéed onions and garlic, but the love is unmistakable. Add some barley and some finely diced tofu and there's full meal.

::1 cup diced mushrooms
::medium onion, diced
::1-2 cloves garlic
::1.5 c chicken broth
::.5 c milk/cream (your fat choice)
::olive oil
::2 T butter
::2 T flour (I use white whole wheat flour, yeah)
::soy sauce (or just salt) to taste
::feta cheese

-Sauté onions and mushrooms in olive oil until nicely browned.
-Mix in garlic, wait a minute, then melt in butter.
-Add flour and mix, stirring frequently for a minute or two.
-Pour in chicken broth. (this would also be an appropriate time to add some tofu).
-Simmer/Boil for a few minutes then add milk, soy sauce.
-Sprinkle with feta and black pepper (and also add cooked barley or brown rice now if you'd like)

Only a lazy 15 minutes from start to finish and an amazingly deep flavor. I'm not sure the soy sauce adds to the flavor...but it didn't detract, so I'll keep it. The feta matches the flavors well, and would maybe piggyback the addition of some balsamic or wine (maybe a cheap red?). Another route to take would be oriental. Omit the milk, add some ginger and chile, substitute sesame oil for olive, and top with lime, cilantro, sesame seeds? That'd be nice.

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