Tuesday, April 22, 2008

some time in Poland

Hej alla. Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I just returned from a week-long trip to Poland. Four days at a student conference meeting with students from all around Eastern Europe. Two days relaxing in beautiful Gdansk in Northern Poland. Great times with new friends.
We were treated to plentiful meals at the conference. Bread and butter at every meal. Slices of meat and cheese for breakfast. Rich soups with bread and varieties of slaw for lunch. Potatoes and meat (chicken, pork, varieties of schnitzel) for dinner. Cake and ice cream for dessert. Always coffee and tea. It was delicious. Free, too. Delcious, free, and smiling.

the fancy spread for the closing dinner of the conference:

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Emiline said...

All the food sounds delicious. I envy the traveling you get to do.