Monday, July 9, 2007

zucchini: part 1: breaded

Picked up a huge (really, really large) zucchini from the farmer's market in Kerrytown (open wed. and sat. year round until 2/3pm).

Ultimately I will make some Zucchini bread, but I need a grater before that dream comes true.

So, devised a quick beer batter and let some slices fry a bit.

- whole wheat flour
- salt
- pepper
- cayenne
- beaten egg
- beer (after mixing the above ingredients, use this to thin it out)

Before battering, season zucchini slices.
I used: salt, pepper, cayenne, zahatar

- fry in hot, shallow olive oil. about 1 minute a side

Turned out better than expected, but need work.

Lemon juice is good with these.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought of beer battered zucchini...interesting combo, I'll have to try it!